St Francis CMAT Vision Statement

We are a family of schools growing and working together to ensure provision of high-quality Catholic education that is inclusive and equitable for all children in our schools, as well as nurturing and developing the leaders, teachers and all staff in our communities to ensure outstanding teaching and learning at all times, and strong leadership teams.

Following the example of St Francis of Assisi, we strive to serve all with care and love. We acknowledge each  individual as created by God and deserving of respect and ensuring all have what they need to flourish and reach their full potential in God’s love.

Values & Behaviours that underpin our mission

These individual Gospel values and behaviours are mirrored in Catholic social teaching and Christian ethos, they are visible in how we will operate as an organisation.

The Rt Reverend Ralph Heskett
Bishop of Hallam

Our Bishop's Vision

Our Catholic  schools are a vital part of the Diocese of Hallam’s mission. Our schools are crucial to the life of the Diocese in announcing the Gospel to the world and are able to do this in ways that parishes alone cannot. They are places where everyone is  valued as a child of God, where every individual is enabled to mature towards their full growth in Christ and achieve their full potential. They teach an holistic understanding of the human person and society in which all are included so that humanity can flourish. Our schools enable each pupil to develop their God-given gifts in order to engage in building a better society  which is characterised by justice, truth and love.’