CEO Update
Colleagues, I hope the first few weeks of term are encouraging, and this update finds you well.  Lots to share in this update.  First, I would like to introduce Chun Tsang our newest CMAT colleague and Management Accountant, providing support across the CMAT on financial reporting and procurement for central services.  Chun started on 1 September.  Handover from Kev and his induction training is going really well.  May I also extend a warm welcome to our CEO designate, Siobhan Kent, and our 3 new Board Directors: Martin McDonagh our new Chair, Jackie Hone and Gemma Donnelly. I also extend my heartfelt thanks to Margaret Helliwell and Helen McLaughlin for their dedicated service to the Trust set up and launch. Can I also encourage you to take a look at our new website  Do tell us what you think!

Ofsted Good News

Excellent Ofsted news from St Mary’s Maltby.  Delighted that Ofsted agree their transformation journey to GOOD across the board has been achieved.  Congratulations to Neil and all the St Mary’s Maltby staff, pupils, Governors, and community. We celebrate with you.  All St Francis CMAT academies are good!

Board Engagement with Academies
The Directors are keen to find as many practical ways as possible to get to know all of the schools in  St Francis Trust and footprint.  We look forward to seeing you.

Headteachers already within the Trust will be canvassed for dates to meet the Chair in October.

  • DIARY: The St Francis CMAT Heads Forum (8 schools) is Monday 26 September at 11am.
  • DIARY: Chairs are invited to the next Open Chairs Forum – Wednesday 12th October 6pm.
  • DIARY: All please Keep the Date: Tuesday 4th October 2022 – St Francis Feast Day – celebrate with us – details to be confirmed. Heads are invited to offer ideas and their venue

Prayer 2 Share
Could your school, staff and children be involved in writing a Prayer to Share for our schools to use as part of our Patronal celebration, or perhaps a picture to share, inspired by St Francis of Assisi?  Please can these be shared by DIARY: Friday 30 September so that the St Francis Board Directors can consider at their meeting on 3 October, and these can then be circulated on 4th October.

Would you like to tell the Trust about your school?
Directors are considering inviting representatives from schools to attend Trust Board meetings, to share a bit about their school at the meeting or just beforehand. Please let us know if you think this is worth pursuing.  The Board have made no firm plans but future Board meetings are on the Trust Website

Could we visit you?
For those considering starting their school-led stakeholder consultation this autumn, please do invite us to your governing body meetings. If you would like to read more about academisation, see DfE guidance

Advisory Board Updates
Good news St Patrick’s Bircotes application went to the Yorkshire and Humber Advisory Board 20 September.  Next, this will need to be ratified on 12 October at the East Midlands Advisory Board as they span both geographic DfE regions. We look forward to their TUPE consultation starting as soon as they receive their Academy Orders and running through November.  We are hopeful that both St Patrick’s and Holy Family Worksop will join the Trust after Christmas.

Cyber Security and Risk Protection Arrangement (RPA)

Thanks to St Clare for flagging up one of the conditions of the RPA insurance in relation to cyber security. This is relevant to all schools who have joined St Francis CMAT and indeed to any school insured through the RPA.

If you have joined the Trust and have any queries or concerns about your school’s compliance with any of these conditions, please let Chun know Even if you’re not in the Trust but are in the RPA and you are concerned about any of these conditions, do get in touch as it would be sensible to help each other out.

Conditions for RPA Cyber Cover?

To make sure your school is covered for Cyber Incidents we want to remind all RPA members that the following four conditions must be met:

  1. Must have offline backups
  2. All employees or Governors who have access to the Member’s information

technology system must undertake NCSC Cyber Security Training

  1. Must register with Police CyberAlarm
  2. Must have a Cyber Response Plan in place

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Information and Training
The NCSC has produced FREE cyber security training to raise awareness and help school staff and governors manage some of the key cyber threats facing schools. The training is available in two formats:

  1. A scripted presentation pack can be used by schools and the education sector to help teach school staff at physical or virtual group sessions – like INSET days or staff meetings.
  2. A self-learn video for staff to complete by themselves is also available on YouTube. The self-learn video includes the same content as the presentation pack, but can be undertaken by a member of staff by themselves at a convenient time.

Please use the following link for links to YouTube and other Cyber Security training:

A certificate can be printed off when training is complete.

Any of your own news to share?

We are always keen to share your news and ideas, please do get in touch if you have good news.

In case you missed DfE Guidance published and other update recently…

  • Learn Sheffield Induction Training for Governors – October 2022 (delivered over 3 sessions)This training will take place over 3 evenings on Wednesday the 5th, 12th and 19th October 2022, 6.00-8.00pm. The course will take place online via Zoom and is led by Alan Richards.  Alan is an experienced former National Leader of Governance and current academy Chair and Trustee, maintained school governor and Management Committee Chair. The programme of training sessions are aimed at new governors and offers a broad and comprehensive overview of the skills and knowledge you will need to quickly get to grips with your new role as a school governor. The programme is relevant for governors from all phases and settings. The programme aims to support new governors to better understand:
  • The types and roles of governance boards.
  • How to be an effective member of a governance board.
  • The key roles and responsibilities of governance boards in contributing to school improvement.
  • The different and complementary roles of the CEO, headteacher/principal and the governance board.
  • Roles of different stakeholders and their relationship with the governing board.

This training is free if you have subscribed to the Learn Sheffield or RoSIS subscription offer. For non-subscribing schools/academies the cost will be £250 per person.  To book a place on the upcoming cohort of Induction training use the Book Now button below.